Supplier of PTFE Lined Swing Check Valve in India

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Supplier of PTFE Lined Swing Check Valve in India

Supplier of PTFE Lined Swing Check Valve in India:

Flowline Valve:
Flowline Valve are Manufacturer and Supplier of PTFE Lined Swing Check Valve Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

A PTFE-lined swing check valve is a type of check valve that incorporates a swing disc mechanism within a pipeline. What sets it apart is the interior lining made of PTFE, a high-performance fluoropolymer known for its exceptional chemical resistance and low friction properties.

How Does a PTFE Lined Swing Check Valve Work?
The operation of a PTFE-lined swing check valve is relatively straightforward. When fluid flows through the pipeline, it encounters the closed valve disc, which remains shut under the force of gravity. This prevents backflow, ensuring that fluids move in only one direction. When there is a forward flow of fluid, the pressure pushes the swing disc open, allowing the fluid to pass freely. Once the flow stops or reverses, gravity causes the disc to swing back into a closed position, preventing backflow and maintaining system integrity.

Advantages of PTFE Lined Swing Check Valves
Exceptional Chemical Resistance
The PTFE lining offers unparalleled resistance to a wide range of chemicals, acids, and bases.
The valve is responsible for this suitability in industries where corrosive fluids are commonly handled.

Low Friction and Reduced Wear
PTFE’s low friction coefficient reduces wear and tear on the valve, resulting in extended operational life and reduced maintenance costs.

Effective Sealing
The swing disc design provides a tight seal, preventing leakage and ensuring the efficient flow of fluids.

Thanks to their resistance to a wide array of fluids, various applications, including chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and industrial manufacturing, can use PTFE-lined swing check valves.

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