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Teflon Butterfly Valve Manufacturers : Flow Line Valve is India’s Leading Manufacturer of Teflon Butterfly Valves with its manufacturing unit based at Ahmedabad, Bakrol GIDC, equipped with latest technology and experienced team of engineer Flow Line Valve promises to deliver high quality Teflon Industrial Valves. All our products are manufactured as per Industrial International & Domestic Standards.

Flow Line Valves stand outs when compared to other Teflon Butterfly Valve Manufacturers with providing on time delivery, product knowledge and thus focus on client relation.
Our Teflon Butterfly Valves are used in various industries like

  • Agriculture industry
  • petro-chemicals industry
  • steel industries
  • food industries
  • cement industries
  • oil & gas Industries
  • refineries industries
  • chemicals industries
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • dairy plants
  • fertilizers industries
  • water treatment plants

We are listed as vendor in some of the renowned companies of India.

The tooling assembly design ensures that mandrels are centrally positioned inside the cast housing when assembled and remain in this position throughout the moulding process. This ensures that every fitting/cast body has the same lining thickness and there is no leftover tension. In addition, the lining procedure guarantees that the liner fits tightly inside the cast housing, which is critical for high vacuum ratings.

For any inquiry regarding Teflon Lined Butterfly Valve feel free to contact us.

Naren Patel : +91 97145 93876
Email : info@flowlinevalve.com

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