Supplier of PTFE Lined Plug Valve in Madhya Pradesh

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Supplier of PTFE Lined Plug Valve in Madhya Pradesh


Flowline Valve is a Manufacturer and Supplier of PTFE Lined Plug Valve in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Established in 2013 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the company holds ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Flowline Valve offers a comprehensive range of products including PTFE Lined Ball Valve, PTFE Lined Plug Valve, PTFE Lined Globe Valve, PTFE Instrument Tee, PTFE Lined Accessories, PTFE Lined Dip Pipes, and more.

Manufacturers design an industrial valve, known as a PTFE lined plug valve, for controlling fluid flow in pipelines.

Typically, manufacturers make the valve body of durable materials such as cast iron, ductile iron, or carbon steel.

The valve body lines the plug (or disc) with PTFE, renowned for its corrosion resistance and non-stick properties.


The valve operates by rotating the plug within the valve body to allow or block fluid flow.
Rotation to the open position permits fluid flow, while rotation to the closed position seals off the flow, preventing leakage.


PTFE Lining: Provides excellent corrosion resistance for handling corrosive fluids.
Tight Shutoff: Offers tight sealing to minimize leakage, even under high-pressure conditions.
Low Friction: Reduces friction between the plug and valve body, ensuring smooth operation.
Versatility: Suitable for various applications in industries like chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and water treatment.
Easy Maintenance: Simplified maintenance due to PTFE lining, reducing the need for frequent replacement and saving time and costs.

Flowline Valve are Supplier of PTFE Lined Plug Valve in Madhya Pradesh Including Balaghat, Barwani,
Betul, Bharhut, Bhind, Bhojpur, Bhopal, Burhanpur, Chhatarpur, Chhindwara, Damoh, Datia, Dewas, Dhar,
Guna, Gwalior, Hoshangabad, Indore, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Jhabua, Khajuraho, Khandwa, Khargone, Maheshwar,
Mandla, Mandsaur, Morena, Murwara, Narsimhapur, Narsinghgarh, Narwar, Neemuch, Nowgong, Orchha,
Panna, Raisen, Rajgarh, Ratlam, Rewa, Sagar, Sarangpur, Satna, Sehore, Seoni, Shahdol, Shajapur, Sheopur,
Shivpuri, Ujjain, Vidisha.

For inquiries or additional information, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Flowline Valve.